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25 years

in distribution and sale of cheese and other products.

what we do

we develop a complete sales and promotion network for your products all over Greece, in chain stores and wholesalers.

we help you

we can train your salesmen and organize your existing sales network for optimal performance.

what you gain

there are many advantages and it is definitely for your benefit to rely on us.


you get rid of fixed expenses such as:
  • employees' salaries,
  • transport company expenses,
  • telecommunication expenses e.t.c.


you get rid of the constant monitoring of the network and the distribution process of your products.


we provide you with constant information and ongoing control on the products, their sale, the promotion and distribution, while constantly providing you with feedback on possibilities for improvement or possible shortcomings.


increase of sales: as your products reach more consumers you see sales growing more and more.

our partners

we have been entrusted with large-scale, small and big industries for the promotion and distribution of their products because they know that with our help their products reach the final consumer directly, quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost.


75 Karolou str, 26223, Patras
Tel.-Fax: 2611 104148
Tel.-Fax: 2611 104149
Mobile: 694 9066690

Email: info@lekkasfoods.gr

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